We’ll be primarily using YouTube as our video sharing site in this class. We’ll also be reading about YouTube as a cultural and commercial space, and about the copyright tensions at work within YouTube’s systems.

If you feel comfortable doing so, create a YouTube account for this class. Please think twice and then three times before you use your real, full name. I highly suggest that you make a YouTube account that can’t be directly and immediately linked to your “Real Life” identity. I’ll ask for you to submit your YouTube account names so that I know who you are!

If you’re not comfortable creating a YouTube account, that’s fine. There will be a class YouTube account that I can give you the log in info for.

I encourage you as a default to post your videos as Unlisted. If you want to enter the YouTube conversation by posting your videos publicly, that’s okay, but please do so as a conscious decision that you’ve thought through and talked over first.

If your video gets blocked on YouTube for copyright issues we can a) use this as an opportunity to think through how YouTube policies can run into conflict with Fair Use and b) post the videos on Critical Commons with commentary so they’re clearly protected as Fair Use. Let me know if you want to get a Critical Commons account.