Weekly Screening Analysis Discussions

Close Analyses and Big Picture

For most weeks, we will have curated screenings of remix videos. These screenings will generally be around 45 minutes long. As with the weekly mix, we will analyze and discuss these screenings in the on flipgrid in two phases. First you will share your initial impressions of the screenings: please strive to discuss an element of the screening (say, a video or two) closely and connect your analysis on specific videos to your larger take aways (the big picture) from the screening. Sometimes I will post specific questions and prompts to help guide and focus the discussion. These initial videos will be due every Thursday.

Each week, in addition to sharing your initial thoughts on video, you’ll then respond to at least two of your fellow classmate’s inquiries. You will have until end of Friday to make these responses. These response videos can be a bit shorter if you want, say 2-3 minutes.

As with the weekly mix responses, these videos can be conversational and casual. I encourage ongoing conversation, with whatever twists and turns emerge. Depending on the direction of the class discussion, we will explore ideas raised in the Flipgrid in our zoom sessions.

At selected points in the semester, you will write a self-assessment on your participation in the these flipgrid videos, considering your engagement with the course material and with the collaborative learning of the class.

*To be clear: These screening-focused flipgrid discussions are separate and in addition to the weekly-mix-focused ones.