Remix Reflection Prompts

  •  Goals: What were your goals with this remix? Do you feel your remix succeeded with these goals?
  • Influences: How did the material of class (including readings and class viewings) inform your creative choices? Did other videos you’ve discovered impact your choices–be it in form or content–and if so how? In turn, how did the creative process and seeing your fellow students’ remixes transform your understanding of class material?
  • Process: Thoughts on the process of making this video? Challenges expected and unexpected along the way? What did you learn (technically and conceptually) through the process of making this video? What feedback did you receive from others and how/why did you choose what to incorporate/respond to/revise? What was your experience of the beta process (both as giver and received of feedback) in generally? Did you learn more about what types of feedback you find helpful, or how to give more productive feedback?
  • Looking Closer: Favorite moment & why? (Include time stamp) Moment you would change & why? (Include time stamp)
  • Self-assessment: Referencing the Bloom’s Taxonomy Remix, how would you assess your work on this project? Don’t just provide a number/letter grade, but rather also talk about why and where your work would fall within Bloom’s Taxonomy. If you’re not comfortable assigning yourself a specific grade, a general range is fine