This class has weekly and monthly iterative patterns. The course is divided into 3 Think Make Cycles, designed around our processes of concept immersion (the think part) and then hand-on practice and learning-through-doing (the make part). Each Think/Make cycle is approximately one month. Within those, each week has its own foci. The first three weeks of our Think/Make Cycles consist of reading, viewing, discussing, learning how to make, and making. The fourth week of each cycle is for synthesizing, tying up any loose ends, reflecting, and looking ahead to the next cycle. Within these patterns, there will be some variation, with some work (especially tech tutorials) spread out over the week so you can proceed at your own pace. Hopefully this will help keep you oriented but not bored! The goal is for you to have a sense of continuity, growth, and progression in your learning and creating over the course of the semester. 

Each week will loosely break down as follows, again, with some variation.