(Inter)Modal Video 2.0

Here’s your opportunity to rework the remix you made last; you can incorporate a new mode, you can transform the mode, you can substantially revise and refine to create a new mood, impact, or narrative. I only ask that you put substantive time and effort into this revision. Take the time initially to establish a clear vision of how you want to transform your video, why, and to what effect. Write this out for yourself, as a project plan, to guide you. Please also take into account the feedback you receive from your beta partners and from your other fellow classmates

Also, if you really want to somehow rework a remix you created earlier in the semester, let me know and we’ll talk through the possibilities. Or if you really feel you’d like to try your hand at a different mode you haven’t tried before, and want to start fresh, that’s possible too, but please check in about it.

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