Editing Software

You have two main options for video editing tools: Adobe Premiere & DaVinci Resolve.

Adobe Premiere CC usually required that $$ subscription to CC, but Middlebury is temporarily providing licenses to Middlebury students since we can’t work in computer labs. . This is also the software we use as our main editing tool in the FMMC department. We will share the information re: how to get Premiere via Slack.

DaVinci Resolve 16 is a free, full-service editing program that’s pretty much as good (some would say better…I *might* be in this camp) as Premiere. If you think you won’t be able to afford Premiere in the future and would like to learn on a tool you can continue using on your laptop/home computer after this fall, you might consider trying out Resolve.

I will provide links to tutorials to both sets of tools. In terms of support, you may get a bit more knowhow re: Premiere as its the main tool people use here. I can try to help with Resolve/send you to good Resolve resources if you decide to go that route.