Creative Commons 2 Minute Remix

For your first remix, you’ll be working with two sets of creative constraints:

  • All of of your video and sound must be creative commons. During an early zoom session, we will go over resources for creative commons video and audio resources, as well as how to download and import files into Premiere.
  • Your remixes must be no more than two minutes long.

Other than that, follow the General Remix Guidelines, and use the resources from the provided tutorials (in the weekly module). And most importantly, have fun exploring the possibilities of remix with your chosen editing tool.

Some logistics to keep in mind

  • Please include a CC bumper.
  • Be sure to provide appropriate attribution for your resources.
  • Post your videos to your YouTube (unlisted is fine) and submit the link on Canvas. Also please upload a file to the class MiddFiles (with MiddFiles title Lastname_Remix1) for archiving purposes.

Here are some links to resources for Creative Commons source material:

  • click on this link for a workflow tutorial that will help you mirror/recreate what we do in our class workshop. updated link coming soon!]