Case Study Reflection Prompts

Goals: What were your initial goals with this working group case study? In what ways do you feel your resulting project succeeded with these goals? In what ways did it diverge from those goals?

Influences: Why did you choose the mode/auteur that you did? Did other videos you’ve discovered impact your analysis and curation of videos? How did the process of researching and defining/profiling a specific mode/auteur transform your understanding of class material?

Process: Thoughts on the process of group and individual research and authorship for this project? Were their challenges in working as a group along the way? How did you work through these challenges? Are there choices you would make differently regarding interpersonal group work next time? [For the auteur project, did you approach the groupwork differently the second time round?]

Self-assessment: Referencing the Bloom’s Taxonomy Remix, how would you assess your work on this project? Don’t just provide a number/letter grade, but rather also talk about why and where your work would fall within Bloom’s Taxonomy. If you don’t feel comfortable assigning yourself a specific grade, a general range is fine.